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Ancient Rome E-Bike Tour

Ancient Rome E-Bike Tour

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Travel effortlessly up and down the Seven Hills of Rome and see the capital of the Roman Emperors, the center of the Western world for centuries. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can see its glory in just a few hours. Ancient Rome will take shape before your eyes as your Electric Bicycle will bring you up and down the city’s famous hills. Your tour guide will make sure you don’t miss a thing on your journey through history! Look out from the Palatine Hill, while our tour guide explains where legend says Romulus and Remus founded Rome and imagine how hills and fields turned into the Eternal City. You will pass by the incredible Circus Maximus on your way to the Aventine Hill and the Orange Grove, then riding down to view the Ancient church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin where the remains of San Valentino (Valentine’s day) are kept, yet this church is most famous for holding the big marble mask legend of the Mouth of Truth, the ancient ‘lie detector’ where people accused of lies put their hand and if they didn’t tell the truth the mouth would shut! And yet before long we will arrive to the imposing Capitoline Hill the most important Imperial Roman hill and other major structures that were designed by Michelangelo. You would probably like to take a picture at Piazza Venezia in front of the Victorian Monument that dominates the view and Then we will dive between the Imperial Roman Forums and glide beneath one of the world’s most impressive sight – the Colosseum.

What You Can Expect

- 3-hour Rome E-Bike tour with an expert local english speaking guide. 
- Small-group tour with a maximum of 8 people ensures personalized attention from your guide. 
- Top of the line new high quality E-Bike. 
- Beautiful spots with great Photo opportunities. 
- Lots of info about art and culture of past and present Rome. 
- A Perfect E-Bike Experience and a great way to see Rome.

Tour Highlights

-Circle around the Circus Maximus and learn about Ancient Rome’s most popular sport, the chariot races.  
-Go up & down the hills on which Rome was founded: Capitol, Aventine, Caelian and Esquiline hills. 
-Admire sights of the Roman Forum, Roman victory arches, massive columns and Ancient temples.  
-Stop for photos in front of the Colosseum and hear tales of its gruesome gladiator battles.  
-Stop at a scenic vantage point to enjoy picture-perfect views over the city.  
-Visit magnificent monuments like the Arch of Constantine and Trajan’s Column.

Sites We Visit

Colosseum Circus Maximus Arch of Constantine Avventine Hill Michelangelo’s Campidolio square Mouth of Truth Capitol Hill Knights of Malta keyhole Emporer Trajan forum and Column Spectacular View of the Roman forum Great Palace on the Palatine hill Arch of Janus Vestal Tempel Panoramic view of Rome at the orange tree garden Much More…

Please Note:
-E-Bikes are appropriate for most people aged between 12 years and 70 years.
-We provide child-seats in case you have small children, let us know in advance.
-E-Bikes are not suitable for guests who weigh over 350 pounds (150 kilos).
-It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes. Please do not carry large bags whilst on the E-Bike.
-min. 3 participants or 145 euro for two.

Meeting Point

 Rolling Rome – Piazza del Gesù 47, Rome, Italy

Departure time: 

10:00 - 1:00 pm & 3:00 - 6:00 pm


3 hour tour