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Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel Guided Tour

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel Guided Tour

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Inside the Vatican: Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

The Vatican Museums are considered among the most important in the world, and their visit is an essential and indispensable for anyone who arrives in Rome. Here the Popes have, over time, collected and preserved among the greatest masterpieces of all time and the most precious testimonies of the past. They first put at the disposal of the culture and public art collections of their palaces.

The visit will be for you a journey back in time: a dip in the history and art of the great civilizations of the past. The Vatican Museums are considered, with their beautifully painted walls, the largest museum in the world of frescoes. The visit of the amazing Sistine Chapel is a break in a journey of spirituality intoxicating. Giovanni Paolo II in the S. Messa on the occasion of the restoration of 1994 with his words emphasized the sacredness of the place in which every image, every picture, every scene covers the story of the Holy Scriptures of inestimable beauty. The chapel was defined by Michelangelo "a granary" and his work has made a great masterpiece of inestimable value. And dedicated to the Vergine Assunta, was built by Giovannino de’ Dolci and designed by Baccio Pontelli between 1475 and 1481 by order of Sisto IV. And the official private chapel of the Popes which still today are celebrated solemn religious services and conclaves are held for the election of the Pope.

During your visit you can see artifacts and priceless works of art and the beautiful frescoes of the Raffaello Rooms. The culmination of the visit is the Sistine Chapel, with the great work of Michelangelo: the representation of time with the Creation and the Last Judgment.


Pole San Pietro: ORP Office - Piazza Pio XII, 9 (you must arrive 15 minutes before your tour started)

Every day, except Sunday and days of closure provided by the calendar of the Vatican Museums

Pole San Pietro: Offices of San Pietro(Palazzo dei Propilei) - Piazza Pio XII, 9(Piazza San Pietro):
Monday - Tuesday -Thursday - Friday - Saturday 
at 09:30

N.1 San Pietro in the Vatican

Available languages: Italian - French - English - Spanish

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